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I'm typeou (pronounced like typo), a Live2D rigger and crow person. caw
I've been rigging regularly since mid-2021 and have rigged over 40 full-body models since then!

I rig VTuber models with a focus on expressive faces and high-range head angles.
I love rigging complex faces with VBridger, which allows for incredibly expressive faces without manual toggles!

I work best with artstyles similar to my model, as well as with feminine-presenting designs, but I have plenty of experience with other types of models. See my completed rigs page for examples!

Commissions operate on an application system.
I require finished model art before an application can be considered, and I do not offer waitlisting or reservations at this time.
An exception to these rules is made for clients who commission their model art through my partnered artist.

Please read the entire Terms of Service before contacting me or sending in an application.

Partnered Artist: b00lien

If you're in need of a model artist, I highly recommend b00lien!

She produces very high-quality and detailed Live2D Model Art perfectly suited for my rigging style as a result of years of collaborative work.

We have an extensive history of models we've completed together and work only feet away from each other, allowing for the smoothest possible art and rigging process.

Additionally, commissioning your model art through b00lien means you'll be automatically accepted if you choose to commission me for rigging as well.

Standard Features

All rigs include standard facial rigging, high-range head angles, extensive body movements (including arms, legs, hands, and feet), advanced hair and clothing physics, and 5 simple toggles!

Head and body movements are all controlled and augmented by physics for more weighty and realistic movements.

Half-body rigs don't include detailed leg, feet, or finger rigging if applicable.

Standard Features, cont.
  • Head Movements
    • X Angles (Left + Right Turns)
    • Y Angles (Up + Down Angles)
    • Z Angles (Tilting)
Standard Features, cont.
  • Body Movements
    • X Angles (Left + Right Turns)
    • Z Angles (Left + Right Lean)
    • Z Position (In + Out Lean)
    • X Position (Left + Right Stepping)
    • Y Position (Up + Down Movement)
    • Miscellaneous Movements
      • Hips, Arms, Shoulders
      • Hands, Fingers, Toes
      • Idle Breathing
Standard Features, cont.
  • Eye Details
    • Neutral/Widen/Close
    • Eye Smile (Squint)
    • Iris/Highlight/Eyelash Physics
Standard Features, cont.
  • Mouth Details
    • Neutral/Smile/Frown
    • Vowel Forms (AEIOU)
    • Mouth X (Left + Right Movement)

Advanced Features

The advanced facial tracking offered by Face ID allows hugely more expressive VTuber models, especially when combined with VBridger!

I specialize in rigging faces with VBridger and they're one of my favourite things to rig!

I offer two tiers of VBridger rigging: the basics you'd expect from the default advanced preset, and an even more complex and expressive version based on my custom formulas.

The VBridger beta also allows the use of viseme-based microphone tracking, providing incredibly accurate lip sync!

Advanced Features, cont.
  • Basic Face ID
    • Cheek Puff
    • Tongue Out
Advanced Features, cont.
  • VBridger Core
    • Advanced Mouth Forms
    • Independent Squinting
    • Independent Jaw Open
    • Viseme-Based Tracking
    • Custom Preset
Advanced Features, cont.
  • VBridger Plus
    • Advanced Mouth Forms+
    • Independent Squinting
    • Independent Jaw Open
    • Extended Brow Forms
    • Left/Right Sneer
    • Viseme-Based Tracking+
    • Custom Preset


  • Commissions are not necessarily first-come-first-serve.
    • New commissions will typically be added to the end of my current queue if no prior deadline is requested.
    • Requested deadlines that conflict with my prior queue may be subject to a rush service fee. Please contact for details.
  • Turnaround time will vary depending on complexity and other factors.
    • Typical turnaround time is 10-15 days from the time work begins.
  • The rigging process typically follows these milestones:
    • Face rigging, such as mouth, eyes, and eyebrows,
    • Head angles, without hair,
    • Hair angles, without physics,
    • Body turns, including arms & legs, and
    • Hair, clothing, and accessory physics.
  • Updates and opportunities for feedback will typically be provided at each of the aforementioned milestones.
  • Deliverables include the rigged model itself with VTube Studio settings, a readme, and VBridger settings files if applicable.
  • Deliverables do not typically include the .cmo3 project file.
    • Projects requiring delivery of the .cmo3 file are considered work for non-individuals as described in the Terms of Service.
    • For details, please contact.
  • Minor revisions are free.
  • Major revisions may incur fees depending on complexity.
  • Revisions due to rigging errors are always free.
  • I reserve the right to display the finished product on my page(s). Credit will be provided where possible.
    • The finished product will not be officially displayed until it has begun full use by the client.