These are my personal definitions, for use with reference to this website. Others may use different definitions.

  • A VTuber refers to an individual who creates content (live streams, videos, etc) and represents themselves with a digital avatar, often controlled through real-time face and/or body tracking.
  • Live2D refers to Live2D Cubism, an advanced puppet animation software often used to create VTuber avatars.
  • Live2D Art or Model Art refers to the specialized art assets provided by an artist, to be animated using Live2D.
    • I do not draw Live2D Art.
  • A Live2D Rig or Rigging refers to the specialized animation process used to allow movement of a Live2D avatar.
    • I offer Live2D Rigging services.
  • A Live2D Model refers to the completed whole of a Live2D avatar, ready for use by the end user.
  • A Toggle refers to an aspect of the Live2D Model that is enabled and disabled (toggled) manually, rather than controlled through face tracking.
    • Common examples include blush, tears, and removable clothing layers like glasses and jackets.
  • VTube Studio or VTS refers to the software developed by DenchiSoft used to translate your face and/or hand movements onto a Live2D Model.
    • VTube Studio requires a separate purchase.
  • VBridger refers to the plugin developed by PiPu Productions for use with VTube Studio.
    • VBridger is required for any add-ons listed in the VBridger Mouth Add-ons section.
    • VBridger requires a separate purchase.
  • iOS Tracking or FaceID Tracking refers to the advanced tracking offered by 10th generation or later iPhones.
    • This tracking is required for any add-ons listed in the iOS Mouth Add-ons or VBridger Mouth Add-ons sections.